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  • My site is currently run on WP 1.3 Alpha 2. I am setting up a WP 1.5 test section so I can play around before I do the real upgrade.

    I created a new folder, extracted the tar.gz file there, created a new database for testing, ran the SQL dump of my WP 1.3 Alpha 2 – so I could have some real data in there. But then, when I looked at the site – – there are no styles applied. I didn’t change anything – to my knowledge.

    What’s up?

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  • The stylesheet is missing. It should be in the themes directory

    It’s not missing, it’s just looking in the wrong place. It’s looking at the root directory, but it’s not installed there, it’s all out of the wordpress15 directory.

    Where do I configure where the site is to be located? As in, where do I tell it that it’s in the wordpress15 directory and not in the root directory.

    I just tried to reply to a post on your site about MacGyver and the style showed up. BTW, off topic, the mini coopers in the MacGyver episode ‘Theif of Budapest’ are actually a clip from the original ‘Italian Job’ movie.

    Open up the header.php file and replace
    stylesheet_url with the full url to your stylesheet or copy the stylesheet to your wordpress 1.5 directory

    Here’s the problem, that’s reverting to my WP 1.3A2 version.

    That is installed in the root directory. The 1.5 testbed is installed in /wordpress15/ . How do I get it to only start from the current directory?

    And good call about the Mini’s.

    Like I said in the last reply, open up header.php and replace stylesheet_url with the full URL to the stylesheet you want to use.

    It isn’t finding header.php because it is looking in the wrong place.

    It is looking at the root level, as in:

    However, it should be looking here:

    This should be covered with the ABSPATH variable, but somehow it’s not listening to it.

    I think it has to do with the TEMPLATEPATH variable, which is set via the get_template_directory() function.

    now where is that…

    [ I’m talking this out to myself a bit 🙂 ]

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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