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  • I imagine that the top reason people click on the comments tab is to see comments in the queue that need approval (if they have comments set to queue).

    At least for people with that configuration there’s no reason why they should have to click to get there. Two improvements:

    Pri 1

    * add the number of comments in the unapproved queue to the title of the tab. So”

    Dashboard | Write | Manage | Comments | Blogroll | …

    would become:

    Dashboard | Write | Manage | Comments(6) | Blogroll |

    …in this fashion you wouldn’t need to click to see if you had comments that needed approval.

    Pri 2

    * Make the default sub-tab of comments the approval queue for comments. If you agree that for those people that queue comments this is the top reason they click on the tab, then it should be the default subpage that opens when you click comments.

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