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  • Hello All,

    I dont know why, but I seem to be too stupid to get this thing TDO Mini Forms to work.
    I want to create a form with my own macros.
    But how do I use a macro?
    Not in the hacker, just in the simple form creator!!
    I would love to know why there is written:

    %%TITLE%%: %%VALUE%%
    in the text box of a “custom field”.

    Where should I put a vlaue of a checkbox?
    %%VALUE: YES%% doesnt work.
    I would like to have a checkbox created, where the submitter of a post can either tick Yes or No (or also multiple checks, like when choosing some of any: PHP, CSS, AJAX, Phtoshop, for example). How do I do this?
    How can I use the macros and how can I use the other extra macros ?
    Like %%KEY%% ???
    For what are they?
    I am getting nuts since hours, because I simply dont understand what everybody is doing here.
    Is there always php coding involved?

    Where is a simple “How To” of this plugin??
    A documentation or anything?

    It looks so great and the possibilities are wonderful, but if nobody tells a person like me where to start and how to use the “shortcodes” in a simple docu, then You get nuts.

    Please help to start.
    Thanks in advance.


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  • Short question:
    Is there a simple docu which explains everything related to this tool and its possibillities??

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