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  • Hi

    Heres my question to any WordPress expert who might be able to help me.

    I’m struggling to do what you would think would be an easy task but I just can’t seem to get it to do it right.

    I want to post 6 images down the left hand side of theme (which I got from themforest, just a standard 2 column theme with the content on the left and sidebar on the right with my widgets) with writing description wrapped around it on the right of the image, how to get them though to have equal spaces apart from each image if the lines of writing is maybe longer on some descriptions. I’ve been trying for hours now and it just won’t seem to give me the exact spaces between my images. It seems to if my description is say 6 lines and some are 5 lines next to my images they have different spaces between the images on my page, I’ve tried to give them all 5

    spaces between but that doesn’t work, only solution is to have them all says 5 lines long but there must be a way of doing this.

    How is something like this achieved please, can anyone help.

    Kind Regards.

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