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  • Hello folks,
    I am despreate. I am searching google, the forums, and hacking my code, but I am unable to find a solution to my problem. You’re my last try.

    Okey, I had WP2.3 up and working together with the simple tag plugin like a charm.

    Then I updated to 2.3.1 as announced.
    After that everytime I wanted to manage a post my firefox would want me to download the edit.php (once i did but the edit-1.php was just empty).
    With IE I could click on manage, and the edit-window would show up, but neither buttons to save, nore anything else would show up below.

    Since then two updates of the simple tag plugin occured. I installed both of them (now running version 1.2.2) but nothing changed.

    Not weird enough I noticed that SOMETIMES the manage tab will work (maybe one out of hundred tries) but WITHOUT changing anything, just by clicking, and clicking and clicking again O.o

    I would appreciate any kind of help! Even if it’s just the information that it’s not just me encountering these issues.

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  • Sorry for bumping. I just wanted to add, that I already tried to contact the author for several times, but he never responded. Neither on email nore in comments on his blog

    EDIT: wow, finally found the edit button … sry again *drop*


    *pondering about suicide*

    Another weird thing happened. Now that I got a second web adress, i installed and the blog is working properly even with all plugins installed and activated. (used the same ftp program)
    Any idea how that can be, and how I can get the first blog to work properly? (same server and all)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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