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  • Hello, I am just starting to learn about CSS as I am learning WordPress. Can someone help me out with a simple/valid code to display a small table of text data?

    It’s just a list of page sizes, I want to “tab” over so the sizes line up. My inclination is to somehow
    and space-space-space-space-space instead of a tab

    or maybe I’m supposed to go into the CSS and type a new Table style, and then use div’s somehow – can someone write me the CSS or tell me if it is in the default WP stylesheet?

    or there’s some magic HTML for a tab

    or do I need to make an old HTML table with the
    <td> and <tr> and all that

    ??? Here is an example of the text I want to make a table:

    Full Page 8.625 x 11.125 (.125 bleed)
    1/2 Page Horizontal 4.75 x 7.125
    1/2 Page Horiontal (bleed) 5.625 x 8.625 (1.25 bleed)
    1/2 Page Vertical 3.75 x 10
    1/2 Page Vertical (bleed) 4.25 x 11.125 (.125 bleed)
    1/3 Page Vertical 2.5 x 10�
    1/4 Page Vertival 3.5 x 4.75�

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  • Personaly, info like that is just made for tables…. go for it. It’s going to be the simplest & easiest way to do it.


    Thanks TechGnome. This is going back to some of the earliest HTML I ever learned, then.

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