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  • So, a simple, stupid question…

    I can access my posts by category, for instance by going here:


    Is there a similar [hidden, apparently, or non-existent] relative URL to which I can go and have my links listed out in some fashion automatically? Or, alternately, is there some [ shortcode ] I can enter on a page to output a link list with some parameters?

    If not, why isn’t this fairly basic functionality part of the core WP codebase? It really should be. Just my opinion. I mean, what’s hte point of having an entire section of the admin panel devoted to adding links, if there’s no simple way of outputting or viewing them or showing them to your end users?

    I know, there are a few so-so plug-ins for it. I’m just wondering if there’s some better native way of doing it that is so arcane nobody has documented it in admin panel’s ‘help’ drop-down (which is thus not especially helpful)…

    See what I’m saying?

    Basically, I’d just like to be able to output a simple, stupid list of links, preferably with their descriptions. Maybe even with their URLs listed separately, if I was feeling silly… Oh, and with any and all categories assigned to the links displayed below them so people can category-browse the links. For instance clicking on the “support services” category or the “government” category.

    Seems weird that different “things” (posts, links) are treated a bit differently. If there’s a rolling archive of posts, it seems like there could / should be a rolling archive of links too?


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  • Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    Do you mean displaying the links which you’ve entered in your links section?

    If so you need to create a template for them. Normally does links are added to a sidebar in the form of a blogroll, but you can display them on a page.
    Here’s a tutorial that I found –

    Quick Tip: Show all your (blogroll) links on any page or post

    Yes, that’s exactly what I mean…

    I’ve already got a links plug-in that work ‘okay,’ I’m just trying to figure out if there is some native [ shortcode ] or WP site URL that does this automatically and/or ‘better’…? Again, Post Categories have the URL …/wp/category/news, /wp/category/news/events, etc. Is there an equivalent place to go for a list of links rather than a list of posts? It feels like there intuitively should be.

    If I want a menu link to Posts in a certain Category, I can just make a custom URL menu item to the Category’s archive URL… Feels like there should be some similar way of doing the same for links? Something like …/wp/links/category/… {?}

    There isn’t a native function within WordPress to display something like this. You would have to either find a plugin that might exist or a tutorial as Christine mentioned above.

    Well, like I said, I already have a plug-in that works in a basic way, though it doesn’t have all the functionality I’d like. Plug-ins seem pretty hit-or-miss in that regard. So I was hoping there was some native interface that would “just do it” like there is for Posts. It sounds like there isn’t, so I’ll stick with the solution I’ve got (“links shortcode” plugin). I’d not the ideal, but generally gets the job done. I still wish there was a way to make the categories into category archive links or something… Anyway, I guess that gives me the non-ideal answer. Thx.

    Hopefully something the brain trust can build in to the core at some point, seeing as how they took the time to build in the entire link database. Just seems like they left out the actual implementation bit. 😉

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