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    I am running wordpress 5.2.1, and genesis 2.10.1. I use simple sidebars and simple menus extensively…. I just noticed today that when I try to change an assigned sidebar or an assigned menu for a page, the changes seem to take effect on the backend (meaning the settings save for the menus and sidebar assigned), but the frontend does not reflect the change. It keeps the old menu and sidebar settings. I disabled all plugins running except simple menus and simple sidebars…same issue. I and also cleared caching, I see content changes I made taking effect so I know cache is clearing, but the sidebar and menu assignment changes are not taking effect.

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    After a lot of testing, and clearing caches….I have found the issue. When Soliloquy slider plugin is activated, the genesis simple sidebars and genesis simple menus do not save changes. It will not effect existing sidebar and menu assignments, but you can not assign new menus or sidebars if soliloquy is activated.



    I’m having the same trouble, but deactivating Soliloquy didn’t change the situation in my case. I still wasn’t able to assign a sidebar to a page. But all pages that already have sidebars still display them.



    Hi Bill,

    I just tested Genesis Simple Sidebars and Simple Menus with the latest version of Genesis and WordPress with the Soliloquy plugin activated. I am able to make changes and they are saving and I can create and assign a new sidebar or menu.

    Have you checked for any other plugin conflicts, scripts or code you may have added to your site? I would also make sure you are clearing any caching you have on your site to see any changes.

    @billmcq Thanks for this. I did a lot of Googling and troubleshooting and trial and error when I had the same problem, but couldn’t figure it out until I found this thread. I don’t know why I didn’t try uninstalling Soliloquy, but once I did, I finally got the sidebar selection to work. I was then able to reactivate Soliloquy and the sidebar stuck. I’ve been using Soliloquy and Genesis Simple Sidebars on this site for years, but hadn’t had a problem until now.

    Based on what other folks said, I wonder what else is special about our sites that is causing this conflict.

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