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  • Hello – I’ve been slowly adding additional pages to a live WordPress site ( Some pages were initially created while the site was running Genesis 2.0.0 and Genesis Simple Sidebars 2.0.0. Abotu a week ago I updated both Genesis and GSS to 2.0.1.

    It seems that the sidebars I placed on the pages before the updates to 2.0.1 are still there and working, but if the pages were created after, the sidebars do not appear (literally a blank sidebar area).

    The most telling thing is that when I go into edit the affected page, the “Sidebar Selection” panel on the right is deformed; that is, it displays the title, but instead of a working expandable zone to hold the sidebar selected, it is abnormally shortened…almost like a 2nd border below the otherwise normal looking title.

    I don’t know if I should downgrade GSS 2.0.1 back to 2.0.0, and/or Genesis 2.0.1 back to 2.0.0, or if that is even possible. I *really* don’t want to have to rebuild the site from fresh installs of 2.0.0….

    I am using the latest version of the Nancy genesis child theme from & I have reported this issue to them.

    I have also done the standard troubleshooting of deactivating every plugin to make sure it was a conflict with another plugin.

    I’m hoping the author could take a look at the code to see what is happening as this is such an important plugin. I am happy to provide additional informatino or access to the admin side of the site for review.


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  • Update – I “reverted” a test copy of my site back to Genesis 2.0.0 and GSS plugin 2.0.0. (Activated 2013 theme; deleted Genesis 2.0.1; uploaded Genesis 2.0.0; reactivated Nancy Genesis child theme; deleted GSS plugin; install GSS 2.0.0 & activated).

    Now the “Sidebar Selection” dropdown successfully appears on pages when you edit them. I can once again assign a simple sidebar to a page, and the sidebar works.

    This process did blow away the simple sidebar widgets I had created, but not the actual sidebars themselves. Oddly, the pages created before the original upgrade retained their fully working simple sidebars even though these sidebars had lost their setting in the revert.

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    Contact your theme author/support.

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