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  1. Chip
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi there!

    I'm searching a registration form for events, which my users can use just to submit a registration to our events (i. e. classes, trips).

    After a successful registration, the I as the webmaster should get a mail with the entered data.

    It's not necessary to be able to administer the entered data via a database or sth. similar.

    That's why Event Espresso Lite or Event Registration don't seem to fit my ideas. They're have tooo much features I don't want and don't need.

    I search with Google, but I can't find anything useful.
    Do you know maybe, which forms are used on these pages?
    - http://www.suedcon.de/wordpress/veranstaltung/anmeldung/
    - http://tlsfv.de/kontakt/veranstaltungsanmeldung/

    While searching, I also discovered cformsII (http://www.deliciousdays.com/cforms-plugin/). I tried it & it seems to aim, what I want. But there is soooo much to configure! - I'm not lazy at all, but I'm quite sure that there's an easier plugin anywhere out there (see links above!).

    Thanks in advance for your advices!


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