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  1. DaveOzment
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Wow, I'd love a little help... for some good answers I'll gladly visit someone's tip jar.

    I'm using a newer theme so there's less existing commentary - wp.them.es. I like it but having issues with some easy issues and wondering about some more advanced issues. I'll start easy - keep in mind I'm a newbie with a vision.

    1 - how do I insert a custom logo? I have the logo and saved it to my server but can't find solid direction on how to proceed from there. I know I need to insert code but no one can tell me where in the header to do so

    2 - email newsletter from feedburning.... I require an ID to complete the process... where the he77 does one find that ID... it is supposed to auto gen from FB but they must not want to share it with me

    3 - there are 3 rss links on my site... I've customized the big one one top to allow folks to select their reader but there are 2 on the bottom - 1 for reg feeds and 1 for comment feeds.... how do I update these to allow folks to do same

    4 - ads... I'm only beginning to design these into my site but I anticipate questions here... I'd even like to consider opening up the far right and far left sides for possible ads

    I'm serious on the tip jar.... I'm excited but frustrated and welcome the help

    **I have some areas closed until I'l ready for go-live

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