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  • The question is simple but I’m a nOOb and i didnt find the answer anywhere:

    I have a Drop down menu 1 form:
    Product A
    Product B
    Product C
    Product D

    and now i have to make a new Drop down menu 2 that works like:

    If you choose the Product A in Drop down menu 1 then:
    White value 1
    Yellow value 10
    Blue value 20

    or if you choose the Product B in Drop down menu 1 then
    Green value 50
    Black value 1
    Red value 500


    Can you please explain me how can i do this?

    I’m kinda stucked from 2 days…

    Thanks in advance

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  • I need the same info!

    I created a form which included the make of all cars, ie. nissan, honda, acura, lexus… Now, i want to create another dropdown menu, ie. if you select Nissan, it should give you the option of all nissan models like maxima, altima…

    Any idea how to do this??


    Well i partially solved this problem escaping from Jazzy…

    Let me explain how:
    I installed in wp another plugin called jQuery Collapse-O-Matic.
    Then i created a lot of jazzy forms for any of my products.

    After that in Html page i used this:

    [expand title="Product A" trigpos="below" swaptitle="Close Product A" startwrap="<strong>" endwrap="</strong>"]
    [jazzy form="Product A"]
    [expand title="Product B" trigpos="below" swaptitle="Close Product B" startwrap="<strong>" endwrap="</strong>"]
    [jazzy form="Product B"]

    and so on…

    I managed the problem this way, but if you can find a better solution I can still rearrange…

    Thx again

    Thanks for your timely response!

    I’m not so HTML saavy, can you explain a little more?


    Well, I’m not so html saavy like you so I just managed to make an escamotage.
    The solution is simple, the plugin called jQuery Collapse-o-matic let you hide and open the form you want to build with Jazzy forms. (it is really simple to learn the base of jquery, just take a look at help in the page of the wordpress plugin)

    For your case:
    Just write all the cars you need.

    Now do all the 3 forms with Jazzy, you can do more jazzy forms to attach with the “new”.
    [jazzy form=”Fiat”]
    Composed by Drop Down Menu – Model
    Fiat Punto Value 1000 €
    Fiat 500 Value 500 €

    Radio Buttons – Optionals
    ABS Value 20
    Airbag Value 10

    etc. etc.

    Hide the jazzy form, with the expand of the jquery.
    When someone needs the Fiat, it will open the jazzy form correct.

    Hope it helps…


    Thank you so much!!

    I will get to work now!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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