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    I have a site with three Simple Portfolio galleries, created in Feb, 2019. At some point in the past few weeks they have all three stopped working. Now a set of vertical bars load and display instead of the image thumbnails (the vertical bars are not clickable).

    I tried rolling back to version 1.8.11 of FooGallery and had the same issue. Then I tried rolling back to 1.8.8 the image thumbnails partially displayed but the were oddly cropped and incomplete.

    Here is the System Info from my current FooGallery plugin

    FooGallery version : 1.8.12
    WordPress version : 5.2.3
    Activated Theme : Katib Writers
    WordPress URL :
    PHP version : 7.1.30
    PHP GD : Loaded (V2)
    PHP Open SSL : Loaded
    PHP HTTP Wrapper : Found
    PHP HTTPS Wrapper : Found
    HTTPS Mismatch : None
    PHP Config[allow_url_fopen] : 1
    PHP Config[allow_url_include] : 1
    Extensions Endpoint :$6D!ti^((G
    Extensions Errors : Nope, all good
    Extensions :
    Extensions Active : Array
    [0] => default_templates

    Gallery Templates : Array
    [0] => default
    [1] => image-viewer
    [2] => justified
    [3] => masonry
    [4] => simple_portfolio
    [5] => thumbnail

    Lightboxes : Array
    [foobox] => FooBox (Not installed!)

    Settings : Array
    [enable_html_cache] => on
    [gallery_template] => justified
    [gallery_sorting] =>
    [default_gallery_settings] => 0
    [caption_title_source] => caption
    [caption_desc_source] => title
    [thumb_jpeg_quality] => 100
    [default_crop_position] => center,center
    [language_images_count_none_text] => No images
    [language_images_count_single_text] => 1 image
    [language_images_count_plural_text] => %s images
    [default_retina_support] => Array
    [2x] => false
    [3x] => false
    [4x] => false


    Active Plugins : Array
    [0] => code-snippets/code-snippets.php
    [1] => disable-blog/disable-blog.php
    [2] => disable-comments/disable-comments.php
    [3] => extended-evaluation-for-statify/extended-evaluation-for-statify.php
    [4] => foogallery/foogallery.php
    [5] => page-list/page-list.php
    [6] => remove-footer-credit/remove-footer-credit.php
    [7] => sg-cachepress/sg-cachepress.php
    [8] => statify/statify.php
    [9] => wp-featherlight/wp-featherlight.php
    [10] => wp-rollback/wp-rollback.php

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I didn’t exactly solve the problem but found a workaround.

    My Simple Portfolios have a Height specified (540 pixels) but no Width. I wanted them all to be the same height and let the width vary depending on the aspect ratio of the image.

    Not specifying a Width in Simple Porfolio apparently no longer works in 1.8.11 and 1.8.12 like it did in 1.8.8 and previous versions.

    For the time being I specified a fixed width of 540 pixels, with no Height specified, and my image thumbnails are displaying properly.



    Hi @brenthutto,

    Sorry for the slow reply and thanks for the feedback.

    This sounds like it may be a caching issue. If this happens again would you please go to FooGallery -> Settings and hit both buttons to clear the HTML and CSS cache?

    If you could test and let me know if you’re still seeing the issue with no width specified that would be great.

    Thanks in advance!



    My workaround had been to set a fixed Width (540) while leaving Height field blank. Just now I tried again setting Height to 540 with Width blank in one of the Simple Portfolio galleries.

    I did the HTML Cache and CSS Cache clear in FooGallery settings, as well as doing Clear Thumbnail Cache from the gallery edit screen just in case. I also cleared my SiteGround optimization site cache.

    Then I cleared the browsing history from my Chrome brower and re-loaded the page with that gallery. Still getting the thin, white vertical bars instead of images.

    So I went back to Width 540 and Height blank and the site is completely usable with that setup, it’s just not the ideal way I’d prefer to see the images laid out.

    I created a test page with the not-working settings if you’d like to take a look at what’s happening.

    Simple Portfolio with Width blank and Height 540, having 16 images of various sizes, test page:

    Simple Portfolio with Width 540 and Height blank, same 16 images, this is the live page:



    @bradvin & @steveush – are you able to review this please?

    Specifically what happens when a fixed width isn’t included in the Simple Portfolio settings.

    Expected behaviour: same height and let the width vary depending on the aspect ratio of the image.

    Current behaviour: the images are displayed as thin vertical bars (just the image border padding?)

    Plugin Author steveush


    Hi @brenthutto, @phillcoxon,

    What you are seeing now is the expected behavior. From a frontend JS & CSS point of view, Portfolio must be supplied both a width and a height for the thumbnails to function correctly. It was never designed or tested to work with only one or the other being supplied. I’m glad you found a workaround however I cannot guarantee that it will remain viable with future releases as this is not how it was intended to be used.

    This is more an issue with the width and height options not being set as required for this template which has allowed the creation of a gallery in an untested format.

    I’ll keep this in mind going forward and see if it is viable to handle this however at present the functionality you are looking for is not supported by this template.




    OK. That’s disappointing but I appreciate the clarification.

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