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  • eoren1


    Just wondering if this exists. Haven’t found it through a search of plugins. Looking for the equivalent of a Simple Facebook Connect or other plugin that will automatically post to my Google + account.
    These auto posts would go to the default ‘public’ circle so wouldn’t need the added functionality of pushing to a particular circle.

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  • macbros


    Ahhh. See I’m not the only one looking for the same thing. Let me know if you find something.

    In the meantime I found this one to allow people to add me in their circles.

    Joao Faraco


    I think Google hasn’t released the API for posting to G+ yet .. So we’ll have to wait a while for this.

    Looking for the identical thing. Has Google seriously still not released that portion of their API?

    Also waiting for it.

    My facebook account is populated by my WP blog. Google+ is slowly getting less and less of my postings.

    I will add my voice. I searched for over an hour before I gave up.

    API has been out for a bit now. We need a plugin! (anyone?) 🙂

    I’m also looking for this!

    I’m looking for it too. I’m wondering exactly what The Google+ Plugin‘s “integrate with Google+ page” feature does, if not this?


    As far as I know the API does not allow posting, else I would try creating such a plugin.

    Unfortunately, at this time, the API is limited to read-only access. From the API website:

    Note: The Google+ API currently provides read-only access to public data. All API calls require either an OAuth 2.0 token or an API key.



    You would think that Google would already integrate this priceless feature into their environment. I’m posting rarely to Google+ exactly because of this. It’s very unfortunate, because the whole concept of their social network is great.

    Has anybody ever analyzed, what bthe shre menue entry of the google reader does?
    I am using exactly that feature to easily manually share postings which come from my WP blog by RSS.
    I can imagine the same mechanism could be used automatically.

    The best option to post to Google+ so far is to add your website’s RSS feed to Google Reader and share it from the +1 icon there. Looking forward for auto-posting though.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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