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  • Ok still trying to get this worked out, really frustrated. 🙁 I’ve look at code so long I dont know which way is up. I’m about to give up on Equix completely, having gotten very little support. Sorry for the rant. We’ve all been here, I think. Any help GREATLY appreciated!



    I just had the same problem with the comments page. In order to get the sidebar where it belonged, I had to make changes to both the post template and the stylesheet.

    Here’s how I solved it:
    On the post template (single.php) added <div class="ncol"> just under the initial <get header> call.

    Remove <div class="wcol"> that appears a few lines down.

    Add <?php get_sidebar(); ?> just above the get_footer call at the very bottom of the code.

    My real problem was that the comments text and preview boxes were too wide. On the stylesheet, I had to reduce the comment preview, comment form text area and comment form submit button. 450 is about the same width as the narrow column text line up, so I used that.

    Even though your lines on the page don’t appear to be overlapping, I think you may be encroaching into some border areas. I’m really new at this so I might be wrong…

    I fully understand your frustration. It took me hours. I had things so jacked up I had to paste the original single.php code into WP and start over–twice.

    Your situation may be entirely different, but maybe this will give you a starting place.

    Hope this helps.

    I have the same problem, tried maestrodks fix but it didnt help 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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