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  • I should mention too, that I would like to integrate it into the new Kubrick default theme.

    On a similar topic, how can I create a static page in the Kubric theme? Before I could just copy and edit the index.php page and link to it, but it seems a bit more complicated now.

    Thanks – Stuart.

    OK, so I found the new “Manage Pages” feature and have created some extra pages, but how can I edit those pages to include php or extra html?



    i suggest creating the gallery folder in /*yourinstalldir*/gallery
    then copy all spg files into that folder and manually modify the sp_index.php file to meat up with your template.

    at least that´s what i did 😉

    only prob is that my gallery link doesnt show up whith wp_list_pages. so i´ve hardcoded the navigation in header.php.

    Yea best way to do it is to just add your code to sp_index.php and copy the css from the gallery into your theme css file. I’ve included a simple php gallery template with my Obsidian theme, you coulld download that to see what code needs to be added. It’s not hard once you see how it’s done.


    does SPG auto populate the image relevant to the size of WP? if I have an image size of 1024×768 will SPG autofit it to the WP page layout?

    yes it will, you can set thumbnail size, then max size for the next image, then when u clickon thatimage, it will open seperatly full size

    Well, I guess I was inspired.

    I just wrote a 3 step tutorial, that is VERY easy to follow with detailed instructions so you don’t get lost.

    In 3 steps you can integrate this gallery in to your existing WordPress theme, with no knowledge of coding, whatsoever.

    It is also adaptable to blogs that hve dynamically changing themes.

    Check it out:


    Thanks for the help guys.

    special thanks to shaynesweeney for your tutorial – I’ve updated my site now ( to include the photo gallery. I also created a Page in WordPress to point to ‘photo-gallery’ and made my gallery folder the same name so the Pages link works.

    I’ve been following htis thread and I have to give major kudos to shaynesweeney for the tut. It was a great walk-through.

    I was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction on another issue with SPG? I’m on a host that doesn’t allow htaccess, which isn’t a problem with SPG except that the directive to make sp-index the defulat index is done in the htacess. Where exactly can I hard code sp-index as the defult index? Or, can you?

    Great job shaynesweeney… just one problem though I’m not really good xhtml and php… how can we show the pages something like this

    I used the modified sp_index.php, and the gallery loads the template, but table width is not working! take a look at it

    it isn’t a theme fault, I tryed many themes and it happens anyway.

    mr1973’s gallery shows up good.. only if there were a preview thumbnail then that would make it complete

    (sorry, it was a theme problem: using kubrick it works)

    Excellent tutorial, shaynesweeney ! I read through it and had my gallery up in just a few minutes after changing a few settings by reading the readme.txt.

    Thanks lots!
    —===—- gayle

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 78 total)
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