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  • Anyone explain me why Simple Page Sidebars not work?
    What need to do for great work different Sidebars for my pages?
    Thank beforehands for any help with this themes!

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  • I mean of course plugin “Simple Page Sidebars”

    Everything appears to work fine with that theme.

    1. Did you set the “Default Sidebar” option under “Settings->Reading?”
    2. After doing that, you’ll need to edit a page whose sidebar you’d like to change and assign a new sidebar to it.
    3. Then go to the “Appearance->Widgets” page to view and modify the new sidebar.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi !

    1. Yes!
    2. Yes, of course i did it!
    3. We have a problem with plugin “Simple Page Sidebars”!

    I think that this themes have more priority than plugins, because plugin “Simple Page Sidebars” work without any problem with Blackbird themes!
    But i like “Simple Catch” and want to add plugin “Simple Page Sidebars” with “Simple Catch”!
    How can i do???

    I’ve tested the plugin with that theme and everything appears to be working fine, so I need a little more information to know why it’s not working for you.

    • Looking at that particular theme, there is an option to change the layout under “Appearance->Theme Options.” Are you using one of the layouts that includes a sidebar?
    • When you create a sidebar for a page, does it show up on the “Appearance->Widgets” screen so that you can add widgets to it?
    • Have you disabled other plugins to make sure there isn’t a conflict?
    • Have you made any customizations to the theme?

    Today i download new version (1.4.9)!

    1. Yes, with sidebar! I opened theme options and checked “Default Layout” – “Content on Left”
    2. When i edit page “ХХХ” – i create new sidebar (on the right side of screen)
    3. My new sidebar created and I can show it up on the “Appearance->Widgets”! I put on the new side any widgets…
    4. Reload page “ХХХ” and… i see standard sidebar on screen!

    Plugin “Simple Page Sidebars” doesn’t work with “Simple Catch”, but work with “Blackbird themes”!

    How to fix it?


    I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. Everything seems to be fine on my end. Have you tried disabling your other plugins to make sure there’s not a conflict? What are you using for the sidebar name?

    conflict with one plugin? i did’nt change any plugin with “Blackbird themes”.
    sidebar name is “contacts” and i see it on my widget panel.

    Today i try to install different plugin: custom sidebars.
    it’s also did’nt work with simple catch.

    How to get different sidebars with concrete simple catch theme?

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