• Hello,

    I asked this earlier and it was marked as resolved so not sure if anybody was going to read that other post again.

    The issue wasn’t resolved for me. I had already cut and pasted that script into the footer.php file – right above the </body> line.

    And – even using the LR widget doesn’t work – as long as the simple modal plugin is active.

    And I get this error when trying to log in via the modal pop-up:
    For security purposes, the host of the URL which is passed should be the same as the one used to generate the LoginRadius API Key and Secret.
    To correct this, add the LoginRadius widget on the same website you entered in the LoginRadius user account.

    Other than that the social logins work perfectly – until I try them in the modal window 😉

    Thanks again!


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  • Plugin Author loginradius


    Hi Robg48,

    We checked the Social Login in simple modal login at your website http://gremita.com/ and we couldn’t find the error, you mentioned.
    Can you please provide more details so that we can look into the issue?

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