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  • bernhardmartin


    Seem that the PlugIn “wp-Typography” stops Simple Lightbox working. I tried almost every option in wp-Typography, but as soon as I activate this PlugIn Simple Box does no longer work well.
    Any idea how to fix this?


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  • Plugin Author Archetyped


    Thank you for the report. Can you please provide a link to the specific conflicting plugin to ensure the right plugin gets evaluated?

    Also, any other details you can provide on reproducing the issue would be greatly appreciated. For example:

    • Does a default installation of the plugin cause the conflict, or does it need to be configured a certain way?
    • Is the issue present in a specific browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, as noted in your other post)?
    • etc.

    Once I have these additional details, I will take a look at the conflicting plugin and see what can be done from SLB’s side.


    here the link to wp-typography

    Installing this plugin with default settings stops SLB working. Klick on the picture does not longer open it in a Lightbox, but rather on sipmle page. Tested with IE and Chrome browser.


    @bernhardmartin Have you got an example page to see this effect? I cannot reproduce it with just wp-Typograpyh and Simple Lightbox.

    I activated wp-Typograpyh now.
    Check this Link.
    Please use Internet Explorer.

    I can’t use Internet Explorer, but it does not work in Safari and Firefox either. As to the reason, I see nothing obvious and the <a> tag does contain the data-slb-* attributes, so SLB should be working. I don’t get any errors on the JS console, but the proper handler does not get triggered when clicking on the link.

    @archetyped, I think this is something you need to look at.

    PS: The page markup produces several validation errors. Most likely those haven’t got anything to do with this problem, but it would be best if you could fix them, just to be sure.

    I created a new testpage with only one picture and the 2 picture wordpress-gallery.
    Here is the new Link.

    I have no idea how to check this “page markup” errors you mentioned. But I removed everything from the page I could remove.

    @bernhardmartin I meant that the HTML markup does not conform to the specification. This would have to be fixed in the (child) theme and/or relevant plugins.

    Addendum: Please disable the wp-Typography setting “Ignore parser errors” (“Fehler im HTML-Code ignorieren”). It might make a difference in this case.

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    I got it. I check the markup with “Nu HTML Checker”.
    I fixed 1 error that comes from some custom css. All the others are coming from the theme or other plugins, so Im affraid that I cannot fix them.
    I did not check all, but some reported markup errors are no errors. The Validator is wrong 🙂

    I disabled the wp-Typography setting “Ignore parser errors”, but the behavior of SLB did not change.

    OK, it was just a straw to grasp. The warnings are of course spurious, but it looks like document is not well-formed, and that can result in issues with wp-Typography or other plugins doing actual HTML parsing (as opposed to simple regex replacements).

    @archetyped, have you had a chance to look at this?

    Plugin Author Archetyped


    Hi @bernhardmartin, SLB has been tested with wp-Typography (using the plugin’s default settings) and the lightbox functions properly in all browsers tested (IE 7, MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome).

    The issue on the test page you provided is that the page’s HTML is truncated and is not loaded completely, which can be seen by viewing the page’s source in the browser. As a result, SLB is not fully loaded and thus cannot function properly.

    Strangely, MS Edge does load the entire HTML of the page, and therefore SLB functions normally on your test page in this browser.

    As you noted that SLB stops working when wp-Typography is enabled, I would first recommend resetting wp-Typography’s settings and clearing its cache (via the plugin’s settings page). If SLB works after resetting wp-Typography’s settings, then a specific setting for that plugin is likely causing the conflict.

    If you are still experiencing an issue after resetting wp-Typography, I recommend using these instructions to check for plugin/theme conflicts, in case there are other components that are contributing to the issue you’re experiencing.

    Please let me know what you find, including links for any plugins/themes that appear to conflict with SLB.


    I resetted all settings of wp_Typography and cleard the cache as recommanded. First I thought I got it. It works fine until I refreshed my testpage.
    Is’nt that strange?


    @bernhardmartin Please have a look at your PHP error log. Most likely there was an out-of-memory error that prevented complete page rendering. You might want to increase your PHP memory settings to ensure stable results.

    I’ll try to find out how to activate PHP error log.
    PHP memory limit is set to 256MB and cannot be increased.

    I give up.
    Hyphenation in wp-Typography is disabled now.
    SLB is working but no hyphenation 🙁


    Hyphenation uses more memory than most other functions of wp-Typography. 256 MB should be alright normally, but it really depends on what plugins you are running and also on the PHP version.

    If a page is not fully rendered, you should track the error down using the PHP error log (normally, it should be enabled, but that and how to access it if you don’t have a shell account depends on your hosting provider). It is probably an out-of-memory issue, but it might be some other error or incompatibility between plugins. Looking at the actual error message is the first step in debugging any PHP/WordPress problem.

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