• I’m so glad I found this plugin. I’ve been using and ad-manager for years. I just deleted my ad-manager, because I can do the same AND MUCH MORE using this plugin. I use Woody code snippets now for all my ads, tracking codes and repeated text. It’s all in one place and it helps keeping my site organized.

    The plugin basically uses the same style we’re already used to when writing posts or pages (I still use the classic editor). Title, tags, delete, filters, trash, visual/text editor, bulk actions; it’s all there.

    Feature request: multi-author ads (guest writer, revenue share). It would be great if a guest writer could ad his own AdSense Publisher-ID somewhere so that when a post is viewed by someone, ads with that author’s publisher ID is shown to the viewer. I’ve seen this feature in the past in other scripts. As far as I know, this is not against the AdSense TOS.

    Thanks for this great plugin!

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