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  1. ramblingaroundtherope
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    I know this is something that's been asked before - I've found a few threads on the subject; but the most common answer is to use one of many available plugins to do the job - my problem though, is that I'm using several plugins already, and after a round of updates have just settled conflicts - on a knife edge - so everything currently works. I really don't want to risk upsetting the apple cart with another plugin for something which I figure _should_ be straightforward to dirtyhack in the PHP?

    I'm trying to hack-out the dashboard link which appears in the login widget area after the user has logged-in (I guess I'd prefer to remove the avatar (they're disabled on the site) and its profile link too, really). I'd ideally like to remove for Subscribers only, but that's not a deal breaker as the groups who need it are shown the admin bar; so everyone could lose widget link(s) without hardship.

    I found a function in /includes/general-template.php which returns a register or admin link, and noticed edits there affect the Meta widget, but I'm at a loss to find whatever generates the links for logged-in users in the Login widget area.

    Or perhaps I might find whatever spits out the remaining links (RSS/WP.org) in the Meta widget, and hack that instead?

    Eternally grateful for any pointers,


  2. ramblingaroundtherope
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Well, I thought I better post just to clear up the mystery.

    I started to wonder how 'stock' the "stock" widget is.

    Switched to TwentyTwelve, Widget vanished from available list in the back end; grep'd my theme folder, and whaddya know.. there's a widgets.php which funnily enough has exactly what I was looking for!



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