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simple formatting problem since upgrade

  • hi there,

    ive noticed just one issue with regards to my upgrade from wordpress 1.5.2 to 2.0

    at the top of each of my posts with pictures, at http://www.rapnews.co.uk the test wrap/margin setting isn’t how it was originally.

    before the update, the first line of text was in line with the top margin of the photo to the left. now it’s slightly low.

    when i was once updating to 1.5.2 from a version older than that, the same problem occured and my designer, who i no longer employ, said that he simply altered a ‘blockquote reference’ on line 60 of the functions-formatting.php in the wp-includes folder.

    ive looked at my backed up files and I only have the file which he altered for the problem to be fixed on earlier versions of WP, and on copying them to my site, I caused a hell of a lot of problems and the entire site wouldn’t display.

    i’d be very grateful if anyone could help.

    all the best

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  • Does anyone have any solutions to what should be a simple issue?


    before the update, the first line of text was in line with the top margin of the photo to the left. now it’s slightly low.

    Looks fine to me.

    maybe i didn’t describe the problem too well

    when you click on any of my interviews, there’s a big picture on the top left of the post.

    the text shoud wrap around this, starting in 100% allignment with the top border of the image,

    so for example, the interview ‘blade’ on http://www.rapnews.co.uk when you click on it, should show the first text of the post, one line above where it currently is.

    it’s a simple formatting tweak which i imagine is easy to sort. but i dont know how.

    thanks for your time.


    Hi Tony,

    For a quick fix try modifying the blockquote on line 438 of your style.css to:

    border-left: 0px;
    margin: -25px 0px 0 0px;
    padding-left: 0px;

    The change is to add -25px to the top margin.

    Already done I guess. It looks fine in Firefox at least.

    hi guys. thanks for your replies.

    i tried my luck at doing what my designer had originally said. i deleted one line with ‘blockquote’ in it, on the functions-formatting file in wp includes. this solved the problem.

    for the first time since the update however, i’ve added two new interviews to http://www.rapnews.co.uk and the text to top margin of image isn’t level.

    i managed to edit the margin top figure as you suggested above, but that alters all my old interviews so the text is higher than the image.

    i’m seeking a solution which will be perminant and not need redoing again.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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