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    After reviewing support forums, I am afraid to tackle a full-fledged footnote feature in posts with link-back, etc., but there must be a simple way to just format the footnote reference number in a smaller font with a raised baseline to make it look nice. I can do it in TextEdit and save as an RTF file, but the formatting is lost when I copy and paste to the posting at wp-admin. Maybe I shouldn’t use copy and paste?

    This is my first blog, and I hope to go live in about two weeks. I’m willing to make changes to the code, with instructions on where to do it and where to find the file. I’d rather not use a fixed font size.


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  • Well, you could add a footnote class to the style.css file, set it up like this (not sure what you mean by “raised baseline” – bottom border? – and adjust the size % to your perceived view):

    .footnote {
    border-bottom:1px solid #000;

    Then use <div class=”footnote”>Text here.</div> in your post where the footnote goes.

    The padding is to give it some “air” – adjust that, and the border color, or take those out alltogether.

    All that said, now, once you have this the way you want to see it, if it were me for instance, I’d make it into a quicktag button so all I’d have to do would be click the button where I wanted it inserted. (I guess you can make new buttons for the wysiwyg too, but I don’t use it so can’t make a definitive statement.) I CAN offer to make you a quicktag button once you figure out what you want the footnote to look like, just post back….

    See this thread: at least 2 solutions – quicktags and plugin.

    Thanks to both vkaryl and moshu. I had seen the thread cited by moshu earlier, but was frightened off because there are too many things I don’t know, like what file the code would go into, and where, and various terms i’m not familiar with.

    Vkaryl, I tried your approach, after searching for quite a while to find the style.css file you referred to, and finding out how to change the file (via wp-admin:manage:files). But I must have done something wrong, because now the footnote reference numbers are set off as separate paragraphs, but their font style is unchanged.

    A possible cause: I didn’t know where in the file to insert the code defining the style, so I chose to put it just above the “end of typology and color” line, or whatever it was called. It’s there, it uploaded, and I can see it. And the code surrounding the footnote reference numbers is just as you specified it, although it disappears almost immediately in the wp-admin:manage:posts view and is replaced by the separate paragraph placement.

    Well, I can’t see an easier way than replacing the quicktags.js with the one provided by Kaf in that thread.
    (If I remember well, in 2.x the file is in wp-includes/js/ folder.)

    OK. I have it, now. Moshu, I am still reluctant to dive into full footnote capability yet, but I probably will later. for now I’ll be happy with suitable formatting and no links.

    vkarly, I finally realized that you evidently thought I was talking about formatting the footnotes themselves. I meant just the little numbers that appear in the text as references to footnotes. I want them reduced in font size and raised. I found reference to vertical-align:super, which raises the character, and also discovered that it was apparently the use of “div” that unfortunately set each number off as a separate paragraph, so I replaced it with “span.” Now it works. I am using:

    .smallsuper {
    vertical-align: super;
    font-size: 70%;

    Thanks for leading me into the right file and the right research, vkaryl. And thanks, too, moshu, for a solution I will probably move to after I get my feet a little wetter.

    Ah! Yep, I was confused by what you were really reaching for. “Definitions” is a big thing: if you don’t know who’s meaning what when they say “boo”, you’re not going to make sense to each other.

    Well, I’m VERY glad you got it sorted one way or t’other. If you need anything else, post back – we LOVE to help the polite and reasonable folks….

    Best to you!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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