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    So I’ve installed this plugin, which so far far seems absolutely spot-on, but I’ve run into a problem or two, most of which are minor and not worth the trouble, but one of which is totally nagging me.

    Fist off, this is the blog the plugin is installed in:

    and here’s the fan page it’s connected to:

    Now the problem I am having is that when I “Publish to Facebook Application” or “Publish to Your Facebook Profile” it’s only viewable by me, and only when I am logged in. No one else, fans, logged in or not, can see the posts. I would really like these posts to be as public as possible since the whole idea was to drive traffic to the blog and vice-versa. I’ve spent two hours so far in Facebook’s convoluted privacy settings and as far as I can tell every privacy setting is set to be as public as possible. So now I am here, in hopes that someone else has had this issue and resolved it, or that someone has some suggestions I haven’t tried. I’m really at a loss at this point.



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  • Ok I was able to fix the problem by entering my Fan Page id in the settings page (this was after the plugin update, so that may have helped as well). At any rate, problem solved!

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