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  • I am having an issue with Simple Facebook Connect. It finds all 3 tokens and if i post manually it works fine. My problem is when it auto posts. All it gives is a title without a description or image. Here is a log of one it did, it used to work fine.

    [2012-08-06 13:37:56.1344260276] [inc-fb-status-cron.php – fbStatusCron()] Starting the cron job

    [2012-08-06 13:37:56.1344260276] [inc-fb-status-cron.php – fbStatusCron()] Executing fbStatusUpdater($post->ID = 3827, true)

    [2012-08-06 13:37:56.1344260276] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater($post_ID = 3827, $cron = true)] Starting

    [2012-08-06 13:37:56.1344260276] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Post title: Disney Vacation Club – Point Rental

    [2012-08-06 13:37:56.1344260276] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Post summary: Disney Vacation Club – Point Rental When looking to go to Disney World or Disneyland with your family, you may want a bigger room with a kitchen. The Disney Vacation Club suites may be a great option for your family due to the size; however they can be very expensive. A Disney Vacation Club point’s rental will let you stay is one of these suites for much less. How does it work? When a Disney Vacation Club member will not end up using their annual allotment of points, they may put them up…

    [2012-08-06 13:37:56.1344260276] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Post status: publish

    [2012-08-06 13:37:56.1344260276] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Short link:

    [2012-08-06 13:37:57.1344260277] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Post image:×200.jpg

    [2012-08-06 13:37:57.1344260277] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Share settings: array (
    679604887 => ‘link’,
    229480793796858 => ‘link’,

    [2012-08-06 13:37:57.1344260277] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Posting link to profile id: 679604887 – name: John Dziak

    [2012-08-06 13:38:06.1344260286] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Posted to profile link, new feed id: 679604887_131845933625379

    [2012-08-06 13:38:06.1344260286] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Posting link to page id: 229480793796858 – name:

    [2012-08-06 13:38:07.1344260287] [inc-fb-status-updater.php – fbStatusUpdater(…)] Error while posting to page link: OAuthException – (#210) Subject must be a page.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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