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  • Hello. I am feeling a bit silly right now but I have searched and searched and am not finding the info I need.

    I installed this plugin to take advantage of these two capabilities as is listed in the plugin docs:

    * Automatically Publish new posts to Facebook Profile or Application or Fan Page


    * Integrate comments made on Facebook back into your own site

    My posts are publishing on my facebook fan page. However, comments made to posts on the facebook fan page do NOT show up in the comments section of the original post in wordpress. So the “integrate comments made on facebook back into your own site” is not working.

    I did read where I need to:

    You have to modify your theme to use the comments plugin.

    (Note: If you have WordPress 3.0 and a theme using the new comment_form() method, then this step is not necessary).

    In your comments.php file (or wherever your comments form is), you need to do the following.

    1. Find the three inputs for the author, email, and url information. They need to have those ID’s on the inputs (author, email, url). This is what the default theme and all standardized themes use, but some may be slightly different. You’ll have to alter them to have these ID’s in that case.

    2. Just before the first input, add this code:
    [div id=”comment-user-details”]
    [?php do_action(‘alt_comment_login’); ?]

    (Replace the []’s with normal html greater/less than signs).

    3. Just below the last input (not the comment text area, just the name/email/url inputs, add this:

    That will add the necessary pieces to allow the script to work.

    However, I am using the latest version of WP and the basic twenty-eleven theme – so at first I thought, “well, I don’t need to do that”…but since that functionality isn’t working, I then decided I would make those changes. Problem is, when I look at comments.php, I don’t see the actual comments form…..any ideas???

    Thanks so much!!

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  • Um….WEIRD!! IT’S WORKING!! Yay ME!

    (I didn’t do anything….it just started to work? My first post went to FB just fine, but no comments would ever show up in WP…After a while, I made a new post just playing around and then suddenly, comments started showing up…Yay!!)

    ******UPDATE – HOWEVER, comments made on WP do not show up on the facebook wall under the shared post.

    Wp comments don’t go to facebook

    Also, the plugin only looks for FB comments about every 6 hours

    Ok, understood – comments only go one way, not both ways…

    However, I did notice this:

    When using the twenty eleven theme, and commenting in WP using my facebook login, there was a little box that popped up in the comments section that said “Send this to Facebook” (or something like that) and when I selected that, it put a link on my profile showing that I had commented on the WP post – which is great for sharing!!

    However, I switched themes, and now that little checkbox doesn’t exist. I suppose I need to modify my new theme somehow to get it working, but I have no idea where/what 😉 Any suggestions are appreciated.

    I’ve never seen that box….. and I use the same plugin and a twenty eleven child theme.

    If it comes from that plugin, I’ll have to play around a bit to see what I can see

    EDIT: I just realized, I haven’t logged in to my account using FB in a looong time. I’ll give it a try soon as I get home….

    Here’s a link to a screen shot:


    Also, unless I’m missing something, there is not control over FB comments *in* WordPress – meaning, I can’t delete them once they are there because WP doesn’t even recognize that they *exist*…..

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