• Three things define a good product
    1- It works as advertised
    2- Has good support by the developer
    3- It’s not a subscription based

    WPERP met all 3 demands for our business. We went for the complete ERP package which is a good deal especially that it’s based on a known and well tested platform such as WordPress.

    We had an issue with HTML email and SMS but Mehedi and his team solved it in no time and with a smile.

    The price is right. I cancelled all our ERP subscriptions and all related products with other providers because they are like a baby elephant, it grows with time and before you realize it, it knocks your house down. When a service charges you per user or client, they actually feed on your growth and success. It’s good for a small business but a burden for a growing one. I strongly advise against subscription based products and services if you are planning on growing your business. This is why I chose WPERP, no subscription fees.

    I think WPERP will get better and better with time but for now it serves our needs perfectly. Most important it has a good support team.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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