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  • My Re-Review. Forget the 5 star crap I did first time around.

    I spent $100 on a supposedly great, robust video gallery plugin with all kinds of bells and whistles. I can’t tell you how many hours were lost to dealing with that broken down pile of junk. It kept breaking worse than the last time, and their support people finally couldn’t even figure out the last part.

    This plugin, on the other hand, was immediately simple to use and with just a few small css mods did exactly what I wanted it to do. Nik was great with some simple support questions, quick to respond every time

    I hope Nik continues to grow the capabilities of this plugin, but I’ll tell you now that it’s the best, most functional WP video gallery plugin I could find. I couldn’t be happier with it!

    It actually has nothing to do with the WP version. It’s about Youtube changing its API and Niks “fix”.

    I haven’t been able to add video all week. Finally I wrote to Nik asking him what was up. He asked if it was the free or paid version (paid), which video provider I was using (Youtube), and when I installed the plugin (a year ago).

    After my alerting him to the Youtube issue, he found that they had changed their API. Apparently either I am the only one using this plugin or nobody else was trying to add videos to their galleries.

    Once he discovered the problem, he didn’t create a normal update that went out on the WP plugin system and allowed us to update. He fixed the code in one version and emailed it to me…and with little faith in it, I imagine, because…

    He told me to back up my system, uninstall the old plugin, and then install the new one. Fortunately I did that. The “new” plugin installed and left me no galleries (50 of them gone) and, obviously, no video in them.

    I immediately started the backup process knowing the new one wasn’t going to help me and that I had no interest in at least a week of work rebuilding all those galleries.

    I told him it didn’t work and he said “I told you to back up.”

    This is shady, especially for a paid app. I’d expect not a lot from free, but I bought this stupid thing that he’s not interested in maintaining (which is fine…just say I don’t support it anymore). Then he bypasses the whole process for getting a fix out there, probably because he knew it wasn’t a fix.

    So, I’m restoring back to my old version, where my videos will show, but I can’t add more. Then, I’m going to find a plugin by someone who gives a crap about his work and those who pay for it.

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