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  • This is my first wordpress theme from scratch. I want to know your opinions about the design, layout, colors, etc…

    I intended to do it simple, clean and with just one column. The idea was to highlight the content of the blog with a nice look.

    It looks fine in Safari and Firefox on mac, if you have windows or other OS, please let me know how it looks. Thanks!

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  • For your first theme that’s pretty good. The only thing i would work on is color choice. Your background green is very bright, almost painful.

    Thanks for the comment, icco. I’ll try to check it out on other computers and monitors because in my ibook it doesn’t look that bright. Does anyone else see it that bright?

    No, the green looks fine on my monitor…although I’m on a Mac too. 🙂
    (I was expecting that super bright green that is really annoying on the eyes. If green is your overall theme that matches your blog/content, the green you selected looks fine.)

    Yes, definitely for a first attempt it’s pretty good. The green looks fine on my machine (Dell monitor, Apple G4).



    It looks quite good – but like the other poster said, it is rather bright on my monitor (Dell notebook).

    Also, it does not seem to be XHTML compliant, although the text at the bottom says it is?



    I wouldn’t say the green is too bright, it’s just not as pleasing a green as I’ve seen on other pages. Maybe something a little more muted – perhaps an earthier tone with a tan column instead of white – would give it less of a contrast and be easier on the eyes.

    If there’s anything I know, it’s green. 😀



    I like how clean and simple the theme is. I agree with the others that a different hue of green would be better. That one is kind of grating.

    Nice part is that now you can make a clean minimalist theme with any background color 🙂



    The green looks fine on my powerbook.

    Overall I like your theme, although it’s such a relief to scroll down and see an image that I realize I think it needs an image or images in the header. Even just small ones.



    Thanks a lot for the comments, they are really appreciated.

    I checked the blog in my brother’s PC and the green looks clearly brighter than in my ibook. Maybe it’s something with the colors between Windows and Mac, I don’t know. I’ll try to pick a green that looks as I intended despite the OS or the monitor.

    About the XHTML… It’s a problem with youtube videos and with a plugin I installed. It will be fixed as soon as possible.




    One thing I’d suggest is to make the post titles stand out more … perhaps making them larger and bold, or something to make them stand out. Otherwise, good job for a first try. 🙂



    I’ve just changed the background color to a darker green (just a little). I checked it on different monitors and it looks very similar. I’m very pleased with it so I’ll stay with this green. Hope you like it.

    Thanks to all for your comments!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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