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  • Hi David – I’m wondering if you can help.

    I came across your plugin in my search for a simple currency convert such as:
    This is just a screenshot of one I’ve found. But when you enter a value, the other box dynamically fills with the converted value.

    I had hoped your plugin had done smoething like this, but once I’d signed up I see it doesn’t have that functionality or a calculator widget per se.

    Have you seen anything like this – or do you have anyone that uses your service and has a calc such as this? I would be very pleased to get something to work like this that I can add into a wordpress site.


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  • Plugin Author David Artiss



    No, my plugin doesn’t do this – I wrote it to add an online currency conversion. The problem with creating calculator widgets such as this is that everyone wants it styled in a different way so it would be a project in itself 😉

    I have considered implementing a simple version of this, albeit in the backend dashboard (i.e. not for users on the front end of the site).

    darn it ok – tell me, would you mind I pick your brain off this forum? Is there an alternate way I can contact you? I’m stressing about how I can do this.

    Plugin Author David Artiss


    If you sign up to the Slack, you can find me on there as @dartiss.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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