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  • At, I will be offering different CSS schemes based on Root’s Gemini template. The zip files ( for each style as they come available) will have the proper index.php, wp-layout.css, and graphics folders with files included to where you can literaly unzip it and pop it into your wordpress folder and boom you have a proper looking blog. Easy to do for those folks who don’t want to learn CSS and want something other than the default. If you contact me, with a set of colors and graphics and where you want them, I will edit the CSS for you and send it back as long as this does not require hacking the base index file. Hope this can be of use to some newbies!

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  • I’d like to thank goodsnake for just getting started on this. To my knowledge this is the first Gemini Style Gallery which has been launched. I hope the WP community will join with me in wishing her every success.
    I hope that other designers will follow suit. I regard my work in building the new interfaces as nearly complete. It is now time for the graphics artists and stylists.
    In the next day or so I hope to publish a road map for Gemini style galleries.
    My article will be firmly based on open source principles, and hopefully will encourage open thinking of all varieties. To be going on with I see the road ahead as what I am going to term * consistent diversity*. We only need to follow some very minor naming conventions, and agreed protocols, in order to build a fleet of new style sheets, of which the WordPress community can be proud.

    Great idea, and it will be a very helpful resource for all the bloggers that just wanna set up WordPress and start blogging. Personally I think the WordPress community needs more free template resources, so far not many exist out there, and most of them are not too stylish.
    One question tho: Are these templates just mere color variants of the original Gemini, or are they gonna be a variety styles that blow your mind off?

    That is going to depend on the designer(s)

    Ah goodsnake, you have started what I’ve been working on in secret 🙂 . Great!

    Well its not a secret now 🙂


    Just to let you know, some will be color varients, some will be knock your socks off good, the problem is, the more detailed and awesome they look, the harder they are to install, and I want something that works for someone who had the level of competence at CSS I had less than six months ago which was zero. I currently have two offerings on the site, one which is mainly colors, the other which has menu styling, backgrounds and other interesting things!

    Congratulations. Good idea, and nice job!

    There are currently three downloadable CSS Schemes. I am working on more as I have time, if you have any suggestions or specific interests, please let me know. Also, I was wondering if there is any interest in designs that incorporate font image titles and other more complex designs. I use these things in my current site designs but I fear complicating things will lessen newbies ability to use them. Any thoughts???

    Is it possible to submit styles? If so, I always have my past and current styles available for download.
    My current one titled “Gemini Convert” is available from if you want to post up a copy! 🙂

    What a great Idea, I shall point some new Wp user friends of mine in that direction. Thanks again to Root for starting all this.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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