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  • Jeff Chandler


    Volunteer Moderator and Voice of WP

    Please don’t mention Easy_Reply as it’s not exactly what I want but it’s close. I’m wondering if anyone out their would be able to create a simple plugin that allows me to place a REPLY link or a REPLY BUTTON that when pressed on within a comment, the output @username is automatically placed into the comment field so that I can specifically reply to that person when I leave my comment. It is getting annoying having to copy and paste or manually type that in time and time again.

    I don’t think this sort of functionality would be too hard to create. Easy_Reply does what I want but it replys to all instead of an individual person.

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  • @jeffr0:

    Did you find a plugin? I’m looking for the same thing. I found WP_Comment Remix, but it’s buggy:

    It does seem to work on the author’s blog, but not on mine.

    Hi jeffr0, WP Comment Remix (mentioned in drsuccess’s post) will do the trick, and then some 🙂

    This is a competition plugin, so I’m probably going to be adding more features as they’re requested, too.

    As for the bugs, it does work on my sites, but it drives me nuts when my products don’t work for others, too 🙂 I’m working with drsuccess to get it up and running on his blog

    We tracked down the problem, and it’s now fixed in version 1.1, which is now live on the Pressography site.

    Yup, works beautifully now.

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