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  • Hi.
    How do I get rid of the search bar on the simple catch theme?

    Also, is it possible to set up one page only for the blog and not have the sidebars show up on the other pages? As in, I’d like for example, a Home Page (just static and it doesn’t look like a blog) and then a blog page with the sidebar.


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  • Also, (sorry for asking too many questions) how do I set up a picture at the header? As in, I want the picture to be behind the name of the site completely at the top.
    Thanks for any help and suggestions.

    I figured out how to get rid of the search bar, but still need help with the other questions. Thanks.

    Hi WebsiteNewbie,

    Just started using this theme and I have problem removing the search bar. I’ve tried to delete from css, didn’t work.
    Any idea?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    There’s more chance of receiving help if you start your own threads.

    Hi there. Look for the code that has the search bar — not the search bar stuff on the style css. The one I’m talking about is it’s its own page. (I switched themes, so I can’t say exactly what it is, but you should find it as one of the options on the right side menu when you click editor). Anyway, when you find the search bar (search bar.php or something like that) — delete all of that stuff. Hit save. And that should get rid of the search bar. When the theme updates, though, the search bar will be there again, so you will have to delete it all again. Hope this helps.

    This is what worked for me:

    Go to your editor
    Open Header.php
    Find the line of comment that looks like this:
    // get search form

    Delete the line of code DIRECTLY under it – the line of code also has ‘get search code’ in it

    Good luck!

    That worked for me too. Thanks, hueyapan.

    Thank you @hueyapan! Very helpful.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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