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  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m having great fun with the Simple Catch Template (and altering the design to suit). One thing I can’t sort out though is having an image on the home page featured slider, with the title of the post it comes from… but without the excerpt text.

    So for example, I have a menu category called ‘Books’.
    I have a post entitled ‘Children’s Books’. It has an except text of ‘We have a large selection of books for pre-school to young adult ages’ followed by my ‘read more’ arrow which I want to keep when the user clicks on the ‘Books’ menu bar – so the except summary text will appear as a summary.

    However, I do NOT want the except text to appear underneath the image on the featured slider/home page… but i still want the title ‘Children’s Books’ and the readmore arrow to appear.

    Checking using firebug, I can see that there doesn’t seem to be a css code attributed directly to the except text – it appears in between the css for
    .featured-text span and .featured-text a.readmore

    I’m assuming that I will need to root through the files in the editor section of the admin panel… but this is a little outwith my experience and I can’t seem to find it.



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  • Hi Suns,
    Thanks for using simplecatch theme.If you want to achieve similar to what you are trying to say then i think you have to change the core template file of simple catch which I don’t recommend as the changes will be erased on next update. But if you indeed want so then Go to your simplecatch_function.php file inside functions folder of simplecatch theme.If you are using version then you will find the code below around line 381.

    if( $excerpt !='') {$simplecatch_sliders .= the_title( '<span>','</span>', false ).': '.$excerpt;}

    just replace above code with this code

    $simplecatch_sliders .= the_title( '<span>','</span>', false ).': <a class="readmore" href="'. get_permalink($post->ID) . '">'.esc_attr( $options[ 'more_tag_text' ] ).'</a>';

    then go to Appearance->featured slider->Add slider option and click save to refresh the cache.
    Hope this solves the issue
    Rabin(Catch Themes)

    Rabin, thank you so much. I understand that any updates would override the content, but I will make a note and keep exchanging the code (for as long as it works).

    Another question for you – is it possible to have multiple featured sliders – eg. one for each category? I’m guessing not, but would it be possible for the featured image to appear not where it currently does (in a box at the side of the excerpt text) but instead in a placeholder where the homepage featured slider resides?

    Many thanks again Rabin,


    Hi Suns,
    Currently Simple Catch theme doesn’t support such features. You have to make a lot of customization if you wish to do so. But In our future update we will be thinking over that.

    Rabin(Catch Themes)

    I’m having the same issue. I actually fixed it about a week and a half earlier when I set up my blog, which was using a previous update of this theme, but once the theme updated to its newest version earlier it reset that change.

    Your above fix broke my entire website, until I realized I took your instructions too literally. I’ve fixed it now, refreshed the cache, but nothing changed. I’m still showing the excerpts on every post. Is there a new way to fix this now that the theme has updated?

    Hi babyslime,

    I’m using the most up-to-date version of SC and followed Rabin’s instructions verbatim and didn’t have any issues. As with any and every change to code it’s always good to make a full copy of the file you’re changing. Give it another go perhaps?

    Its still changed exactly as specified above. Still not seeing any difference in the presentation whatsoever.

    Hi babyslime.

    Change the code and click on save changes in the theme option then you will see the changes.


    I’ll second that. There’s just been another update to the theme – I did the update and redid the change and it worked again.

    As an aside to the simple catch team – what would be really good would be if you showed release notes with each update so we knew what changes had been made and whether it was worth updating.

    Thanks though – really like the theme!


    Hi Suns,
    There is change log of each version update in readme.txt of simple catch theme. You can see the changes that has been made in each update.


    Ah yes, but can you see the change log before you choose to update? I may be just not looking in the right place.

    I’m doing this site for myself, so quite happy to update each time a new release is out, but if I use the same theme (and change the design) for a client then I’d be more cautious about updating each time, especially if I’m changing content I’d need to alter each time.

    As I said: I made the change to the file (and saved it… why would I not press the save button?) and there has been zero change. None. Zip. Zilch. Still presenting as it was.

    You need to save the file as you are doing… but at this stage nothing will happen, all will look the same (just did a test on my version to see if this was correct).

    You then need to complete Rabin’s instructions by doing this

    ‘Appearance->featured slider->Add slider option and click save to refresh the cache.’ – even though you are not making any changes here, pressing save makes the difference.

    Other than that the only thing I can see that could be an issue is that you need to select all of Rabin’s code above. On my screen the code scrolls beyond the grey box.

    Hope that helps!

    Yes. I know. That was already said. I already followed those instructions to the letter. Nothing. Changed. At. All.

    Hi babyslime,
    if you wanted the exact same changes that suns wanted then replacing the above code as I instructed should do the work. I would recommend to download fresh copy of simplecatch and make the changes as prescribed above.It would be easier for us to look into if you could share your site url.

    My site is my personal blog here:
    I’ve changed the source file exactly as you’ve instructed and gone through the add slider/save thing to refresh the cache. I’ve done this about 15 separate times now, both inside the dashboard and in the file on my computer, deleted the file and uploaded the changed one, tried simply replacing the changed one, updated the database, tried a clean install… everything. Nothing makes it change from those annoying excerpts. I like this theme: it’s clean and simple, but I’m at my wits end with this. It worked totally fine until the last theme update, and then it changed everything back to defaults and I feel that this is a HUGE oversight to not have a clear, obvious option to toggle this excerpt thing on or off.

    To summarize –
    Yes: I have selected the entire box of text.
    Yes: I have remembered to go through the slider/save thing to refresh the cache.
    Yes: I have changed the text exactly as shown.
    Yes: I have tried a clean install.
    Yes: I have downloaded all the updates.
    No: it is still not working.

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