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  • bhagemann


    I don’t know for sure, but since nothing else changed, when we migrated to a new server recently the simple calendars stopped showing anything and our website started showing a bunch of other issues on any page the calendar was in use….the rotating carousel didn’t move, the menus on any page containing the simple calendar plugin stopped dropping down and our testimonials plugin stopped displaying anything on the front page where a calendar widget was supposed to show. Disabling the Simple Calendar and all is good again.

    WordPress 5.2.2
    Simple Calendar 3.1.22
    Testimonials (Woothemes) 1.5.4
    Bootstrap Carousel
    Custom Theme

    I tried one at a time enabling/disabling things. Everything works together fine until Simple Calendar is active, then those items on the same page break. **The dropdown menus are a pretty good indicator for future troubleshooting any fix for this… they work everywhere on the site except for a page that has a Simple Calendar displayed. (which as I said doesn’t even show the calendar content, just the wrapper for it). When i disable the Calendar, the menus work again.

    I’m pasting below this the output from the tools in the Calendar Menu:


    ### WordPress Installation ###

    Site Name: First Unitarian Universalist Church
    Home URL:
    Site URL:
    Version: 5.2.2
    Locale: en_US
    Timezone: America/New_York
    Multisite: No
    Permalinks: /%postname%/
    WP Memory Limit: 64 MB
    WP Debug Mode: No
    Script Debug: No

    ### Active Theme ###

    Theme: firstuu-theme (uua-congregation child) – 1.0.0
    Child Theme: Yes
    Parent Theme: UUA Congregation – 1.2.2

    ### Active Plugins ###

    Site Plugin for
    UUA Services: 1.1.0
    WPForms MailChimp: 1.3.0
    Custom Sidebars: 3.2.3
    Classic Editor: 1.5
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore: 1.16.15
    SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle: 1.15.7
    Simple Calendar: 3.1.22
    Redirection: 4.3.1
    WP Rollback: 1.6
    List category posts: 0.80.3
    WP-Optimize: 2.3.4
    WP Maintenance Mode: 2.2.4
    Better Search Replace: 1.3.3
    Categories Images: 2.5.4
    CPT Bootstrap Carousel: 1.10
    WPFront Notification Bar: 1.7.1 Giving Button: 2.2
    Enhanced Media Library: 2.7.2
    Shortcode For Current Date: 2.0.5
    WP-Matomo: 1.0.21
    Testimonials: 1.5.4

    ### Server Environment ###

    Web Server: Apache
    PHP Version: 7.2.19
    MySQL Version: 5.7.26
    Server Timezone: UTC
    Display Errors: No
    Memory Limit: 512M
    Upload Max Filesize: 20M
    Post Max Size: 20M
    Max Execution Time: 30
    Max Input Vars: 1000
    fsockopen: Yes
    cURL: 7.65.0
    SOAP: Yes
    WP Remote POST: Yes
    WP Remote GET: Yes

    ### Client Information ###

    IP Address:
    Browser: Safari 12.1.1 (Apple)

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  • bhagemann


    So its been a while since i posted the issues here and haven’t seen anything to indicate that the developer is around?

    I’ve tried everything i can think of including uninstalling plugin (and all data/tables it used)… reinstalling. different calendars and so on.

    ANY help at how to further track this issue down or what other plugin i have it may be having issue with would be super helpful

    I just can’t find a good replacement for this to display a simple ‘today’s events’ list from my google calendar in a widget that i can style with css.

    I’d be tempted to buy the pro version for support, but only IF i thought it might get support.

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