• It’s nice when things are simple, but can be frustrating when too simple. This plugin is great for stores that sell products that all ship in the same basic class, ie, priority, first class, and there isn’t a mix of restricted class items like media or library rate items. There is no way to select a single or range of shipping method/rate per class. For example, media mail is a restricted class limited to only certain items, like books or DVDs, but if you also sell cameras or t-shirts, you can’t restrict those products from being offered media mail as a shipping option – and a customer will choose that rate because it’s the lowest, and it will be an invalid shipping method for that product. The only option for media mail items, if you have mixed products in your store, is to disable media mail as a shipping option altogether. This is a disservice to customers and to store owners who would prefer this method for qualified products. I don’t know how difficult it would be to add that capability.

    This is a very easy plugin to set up and for stores with simple inventory and only shipping in the U.S. I think it would work wonders. But, if you have a store with a mix of product types, this one may not work for you.

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