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  • I have about 5 or 6 YouTube embedded videos that I need to release one-by-one on my WP site. For example, I only want viewers to watch one video at a time AND then fill out a few form fields that ask questions about the video before they can see the next video.

    Here is a sample workflow:

    1.) user self registers using simple WP registration form

    2.) user receives email with a clickable link to verify their registration

    3.) user will now have access to a process whereby they

    • have access to a page containing the embedded Video#1
    • after viewing Video#1 they would need to fill out a few form fields at the bottom of that page (containing questions about that video) that they must fill out before they proceed can to next page/video in the series

    4.) repeat Step 3 until all the videos in the series have been viewed AND the corresponding mini forms filled out.

    Does anyone have suggestions how to approach this?


    In addition to serially controlling the viewing of each video, it would also be nice if all of the form fields from the various mini-forms would be consolidated under a user’s WP profile, but I can also live with simply emailing the various mini-forms to me.

    (Also, it would be nice if someone who was interrupted in the middle of viewing Video#3, for example, could login later and then not need to start over with Video#1.)

    Note that I plan to use Gravity Forms for the form part, and maybe also for the registration part. I am just not sure about controlling the workflow.

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