• Rik0399


    Anyone using WordPress will know all too well of the many, it seems, the constant battle with bugs, kiddie hackers and much more.

    And managing a site, particularly if your the site owner, on this cms platform can be a fulltime job! Which is why leaving such a task to a dedicated web developer pays dividends.

    A wordpress website sure is a pain in the a** to manage!

    So here is a supa-mega plugin that battles on your behalf in keeping the bugs and hackers at bay.

    Does it work?

    Yes it does… you can decide which scans you wish to perform and one click, all done within a couple of minutes!

    The first thing anyone using this must first to do (as this will save you a ton of time) is READ THE DOCS!

    Not much there to bend your brain; but enough to explain how it works, what you need to know etc and boom!!…Your on your way to a trouble free site in getting rid of malware in plugins, themes and wpcore.

    Is it worth a donation for this excellent FREE plugin?

    Simple question is “How much time and worry did it save you in getting your site healthy again?”

    I use this across 5 sites ALL of which became (I don’t know how) infected by a theme bug ‘functions.php’…so you can be sure that for each, a donation will be making its way over to the developer because the last thing I need right now is for this plugin to be abandoned!

    Very well done to the developer and thank you!

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