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    IT DOES NOT USE JAVASCRIPT/CSS HACKS WHICH ARE TERRIBLE! This plugin actually injects to the standard WordPress function that gets the page title, and returns nothing if you have it hidden!

    There are many mixed reviews. Some people it appears have no idea what they are doing, and unfortunately gave some bad reviews. This is why I am giving mine.

    I chose this plugin over “Hide Title” for a few reasons. Hide Title doesn’t actually remove the title, it uses CSS added via jQuery (javascript) on page load to hide it. That is faulty and a terrible idea, to say the least.. Hide Title had a lot more bad/mixed reviews. People were complaining about uninstall issues. It had a default logo/icon. It was made by some random person. This plugin, was made by a guy named “WPGurus”, so I assume they are WordPress geeks 🙂

    At the root level, this plugin works like it is supposed to. I have reviewed the code and I know how this plugin works.

    It is important for users to understand, it isn’t magic, or a one-size-fits-all. With WordPress you have an unlimited number of possibilities. You can not account for every one of them!

    If the theme you are using is coded in a way that follows community standards, then it should work. So maybe you should create an issue with your theme’s developer and ask them to re-code the title area to be compatible with this plugin?!

    In my case, I am using WP Bootstrap Starter. I have created a child-theme for it and am currently modifying the way it works on a deeper level.

    This plugin hid the title like it was supposed to. However, the theme I am using had an “entry-header” header element wrapped around the call to print the title function. The title WAS HIDDEN, however, I had a “spacer” for that entry-header, which was empty.

    So in my child theme, I had to duplicate “template-parts/content-page.php” and move the “entry-header” header element to be within the title function call.


    <header class="entry-header">
        <?php the_title( '<h1 class="entry-title">', '</h1>' ); ?>
    </header><!-- .entry-header -->

    Notice how the “entry-header” header element tags are outside of the “the_title()” function call? That is the problem!


    <?php the_title( '<header class="entry-header"><h1 class="entry-title">', '</h1></header><!-- .entry-header -->' ); ?>

    See how I moved the “entry-header” header element tags inside of the “the_title()” function?

    So you see, as long as your theme is coded in a way to handle this, it works. No plugin on earth can handle code that is wrapped around the actual call, that is up to the theme developers!

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  • That is amazing! Thank you so much for this review! And also for the code you provide. I need to change my own template also, so it will remove also the Headline-Tag!

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