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  • Thank you for this great plugin!

    It’s working fine though i recommend the use of the top/bottom bar cause i think it will kill the on-page SEO and block search engines to crawl the site.

    I recommend to make the WALL feature more “transparent” in terms of search engine optimization to allow search engine to crawl the site and keep indexing pages otherwise it may create problems and loss of page rank.

    Overall, well done!

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  • Plugin Author Remco Tolsma


    We do check for search engines:

    But i do think that it is tricky to serve normal users other content then search engines (spiders).

    …i have checked the page source code with the wall activated and there is nothing there to scrape… my concern about this that search engines bots will not be able to crawl the site and this may have a bad effect on SEO.

    Maybe i didn’t understood to exact functionality of this plugin but i have another plugin that shows a popup wall and the page and the html source code is available for scraping but a visitor cannot continue to navigate the site unless he clicks the close button or it waits a certain amount of time.

    hope it helps!

    Plugin Contributor Leon Rowland


    Very late response. Appears I wasn’t mailed about the forum post.

    The plugin determines if the request that came in is from a spider ( the name of search engine crawlers ) If it is, it doesn’t show the wall at all.

    For everyone else ( Browsers, Mobiles etc ) then the wall is shown unless accepted.

    Even though you can’t see the html, all the crawlers can. ( unless they change their spiders name, in which case we will update with any notification )

    You will be able to see this if you request the page from inside Google analytics or possibly use this tool ( ) [ note: have not tried with this tool ]

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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