• Yola de Lusenet


    The gallery itself I like, simple to use, looks fine. No problem to use and nice presentation.

    But I happen to need captions and the way these are handled is not perfect for my purposes. The choice is between no captions at all, or captions on lightbox and also on thumbnails, with a permanent overlay. The latter option is less successful with a lot of fairly small thumbnails that get then crowded with text.

    I’d like to have the choice of captions only on lightbox, or on thumbnails only on mouse-over. Perhaps I missed something?

    However, if you don’t need captions or use fairly large images in your gallery I do recommend this plugin wholeheartedly!

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  • Plugin Author Rich Tabor


    Hi @yola-de-lusenet,

    I’m not quite following the caption on lightbox issue (as Block Gallery does not currently support lightbox functionality)?

    Hi @richtabor, nice to hear from you.

    This is mysterious – so I must have used a separate Lightbox-plugin, and that worked fine with Block Gallery- for I never noticed it wasn’t part of the plugin 🙂

    It was not Jetpack, probably WP Featherlight or Simple Lightbox.

    The captions-option was, as I remember, in WP5 in the right-hand column – so among the options for the block. That was the only place where I could turn captions of or off.

    And then, as I describe, they turned up everywhere, or nowhere.

    How one switch can govern both the plugin for the gallery and the (obviously distinct) separate plugin for the lightbox is beyond me.

    Maybe I am confused in some way?

    I really liked Block Gallery but because of the caption issue I retraced my steps and used the Classic Editor with another gallery. With this gallery too I noticed that when you use the Block Editor, that affects the way captions are handled (the mouse-over doesn’t work).

    In general galleries often do not handle captions in the best and most flexible way. The one I use now shows the information in the title field, also when I’d prefer not to show it -as for groups of images without real titles, where you now get to see “20180611-345273.ORF” and the like. But I cannot seem to switch it off for a particular gallery. Also, I like to be able to show title, or description, or both, (or none). Many of my images (I make lots of photographs for artists of their work) have some info in the title field and some in the description. Now I often have to copy half of the information by hand into the other field.

    In short: I haven’t found my ideal gallery yet…

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