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  • This plugin enables a user to publish dictionary data online without a lot of technical know how. The plugin takes lexical data in LIFT or FLEx format and publishes it in a format that is functional and usable as an online dictionary. Behind the scenes it uses the WordPress blogging platform, but each dictionary entry is stored as a post. In this sense it should not be thought of as a normal blog, but it has been cleverly designed to leverage the benefits of the popular Worpress platform and apply it to dictionary data.

    The SIL Dictionary plugin should only be used for standalone dictionaries. It should not be installed on a ‘normal blog’. It is a specialized plugin that is solely designed for publishing lexical data.

    For a good example of a dictionary that use the SIL Dictionary plugin, see the Lugungu Dictionary. The plugin provides the import process that gets the lexical data into the blog. It also provides the search box functionality for the dictionary. The search function is powerful. It allows a user to search the dictionary by partial words just like doing a Google search. The search results are ordered in a weighted result list with the most likely words at the top of the list.

    There is an evolving suite of documentation and helps available at

    Don’t be shy to contact the developers of the SIL Dictonary Plugin at As an end user with dictionary data to publish I found them extremely helpful. While it is true that I did have a number of technical questions and issues when importing my data, I found that they bent over backwards to help and we solved every issue. I am now a very happy user of Webonary (and its SIL Dictionary Plugin) and I would recommend this publishing route to others.

    Just remember that dictionary data is complex. Because of this I recommend that you host your data at The hosting is free and the service is excellent!

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