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  • Print screen is the most basic method of copying content, so it needs to be included for this plugin to do what it says – protect content.

    With this plugin installed, sure, I could not select text nor see the right-click pop-up menu. However, I could still use the hotkey CTL-ALT-PrtSc to take a copy of the homepage and paste the image into a simple graphics editor.

    I am using the latest version of the Chrome browser.

    4 months ago, @shirtguy72 wrote in his review that this is the only plugin that does what it says (I’m tagging him here in case he is not aware of this issue). I would say that this plugin is probably the only one that DOES NOT do what it says (i.e. it is not an Amazing Content Protector), at least compared to one other more effective plugin that I have tried.

    I’m looking to replace the other protection plugin I am using only to improve my site’s Google Pagespeed Insights score and warning messages.

    I will update my rating as soon as print screen protection is added.

    *EDIT – I’ve increased the rating from 1 to 4 stars.
    I suppose plenty of people don’t need to disable printscreen copy functionality to protect their work and would be more than happy with this one. So 1 star isn’t fair for an otherwise reliable free plugin.

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  • This review deserves no reply from myself but the plugin developer does!
    You’re leaving a bad review because a FREE plugin {that does exactly what is says on the tin, in great fashion) does not have every bell and whistle you cab think of?
    In closing; There have been many instances where I have contacted developers and kindly suggested for features to be included, they were, for free and I still use their plugins!
    Can’t believe I was tagged in this, what I believe to be, a totally “ignorant review”.

    Oh, and yes I am aware that someone can simply take a screenshot of my work and or images. They can also simply to a Site: images search and do a save as if they wanted my images. People can also try being kind to one another though in these crazy times that is becoming more rare.

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    I wasn’t expecting a reply from you, only the plugin author. I tagged you because I just wanted to warn you, and so thought I was doing you a favour. I didn’t mean to criticise you. Sorry if I gave that impression. I realise now it might have come across that way. I was only criticising the plugin for not adequately protecting content. Print screen disabling is too important a requirement. I would strongly argue against calling it “bells and whistles”. It’s a core requirement for content copy protection, because the average visitor will of course try it as their next simple approach after seeing that right click is disabled. There’s no way anyone should rely on a plugin that doesn’t disable printscreen to protect their valuable content.

    I can think of better examples of bells and whistles. For example, changing the colors and font size of the popup message etc. Or logging user attempts to copy protected content.

    I feel like someone who just told the emporer he’s wearing no clothes and he got angry about it and refused to acknowledge it.

    I have since tried other plugins but they have the same flaw. I have left similar reviews for them too.

    On a related topic, and for the benefit of anyone reading this, so far the only plugin I have found that does protect print screen (plus everything else this one does) is Secure Content Copy.

    In their plugin’s support section, I have replied to a user’s recent concern that javascript can be easily be disabled in the browser – thus easily disabling the protection. Luckily, I discovered and fixed this issue a long time ago, so I offered my workaround to force a visitor to switch on javascript in the browser by adding simple code snippets to the header of pages/posts.

    That’s all wonderful though I am not impressed with your WP wisdom and sad attempts at humor. Your failure here is that you don’t see your own arrogance in leaving a 1-star review for a plugin that does exactly what it says and does it well. You took a new plugin that works perfectly from a 5-star plugin to a 3-star plugin because you what? Because you cannot control your keyboard fingers?

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    Because you thought you were “protecting” the rest of us? If that’s so, create a better plugin and get it on the WP Repository, then if your plugin is far superior to this one, I’ll be sure to leave you a bogus 1-star review. Believe me, many in the WP Community feel the same here, we’re tired of seeing these unwarranted damaging reviews. Want to leave a bad review? Go over to Yoast! Their support is nearly nonexistent, open a support ticket, good luck getting a usable resolve in a month or two or at all.

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    You’re right. 1 star is definitely too low in this case. I’ve updated it to four. Should still get the attention from those who might need to know.

    I respect your decision here.

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