• First review because I really like this plugin. It is straightforward and works like a charm. Glad that the creator included guides on Github Wiki. Minimal editing is required.

    It’s a pity that some comments have driven the creator to stop support. I do still hope that this remains updated and compatible. 🙂

    If the creator does read this, I have two questions that I wish to understand.
    1) If I were to put 24hrs daily to cancel, from when does it start activating the countdown?
    2) Is it possible to change the status to ‘Failed’ instead of ‘Cancelled’?

    In any case, just want to say GREAT JOB ON THIS PLUGIN!

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  • Plugin Author RVOLA


    Hi @tjos123
    I just saw your comment!
    Thanks for this one.

    To answer you :
    1 / he cancels the orders that have been created since today’s date with the requested differential.
    2 / no at the moment

    To be honest, from the old comments I was thinking about making a new premium version this time around.

    It is a fact, this extension has gained popularity and I am sorely lacking in time in my life. I am thinking of recoding a full plugin in premium version.

    Thread Starter tjos123


    Hey @rvola! It’d be interesting to see additional features to this, while still keeping it lightweight. It’s really a great plugin! Hopefully you keep this going.

    Take care.

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