• Tried and loved it.

    A great solution if you don’t care about performance, but it loads 100s of KBs of extra CSS without even adding a single block.

    That should be taken care of.

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  • Plugin Author ElmaStudio


    Thank you so for your positive review.

    We just made changes to the blocks to load them as single blocks. Now only styles of active blocks on each page gets loaded.

    So the issue should actually already be fixed.

    Do you see the performance changes reflected in the current theme version 1.12.0+?

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    Thread Starter Gaurav Tiwari


    Great! Reinstalled it. Can you please also add an option to customize the padding in Hero block? My theme already adds sufficient padding and height 100vh is making the hero look too large. https://share.cleanshot.com/PAsS0G

    Plugin Author ElmaStudio


    Oh yes, I see what you mean. The Hero block will get an update and I will fix this. Thanks so much for your feedback.

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