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  • I am using WP 2.9.2. I don’t know why the list box does not give me that option, I can only select 2.9.1. Please add a simple checkbox to admin panel to disable all RSS feeds. There is a plugin, but it is in its first iteration, and this feature really needs to be apart of the core functionality of WP. How can you have a private blog when your posts and comments are being blurted out all over the internet? It took several hours of research and testing different hacks before I found the plugin. I left some of my hacks in the theme files, so I can’t say for sure that the plugin works properly. It appears that between the hacks and the plugin, at least my post and comment feeds are truly disabled, but I cannot be 100% sure. This is why we need the admin checkbox so that we can be CERTAIN that it is done properly.

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  • You can do this: which I found works fine.

    But … Yeah. That sounds like something that should be handled under privacy.

    Yes, thank you, I saw that too. The Disable RSS plugin is based on that hack and makes the necessary changes upon activation. I would just rather see it in the privacy settings portion of the admin panel.

    PJ Brunet


    Same problem here.

    Now with Google’s genius “duplicate content penalty” algorithm, I’m getting slapped left and right by Google. I’m buried under 1000s of scrapers and you know they’re slamming me RSS feeds day and night.

    You guys made a feed for EVERYTHING. I guess that’s the beauty of open source, everybody gets to make a name for themself by discovering a new place to add a feed.

    Like kingwm says, how does one test the rss feeds are actually disabled? There’s a ZILLION feeds! It would take me all night to test every variation. Looking at the source code, I’m wondering if the long list here ( barely scratches the surface of possible permutations?

    Part of my problem, I was testing /comments/feed/ and Firefox’s cache stores the feeds, even if you click “reload” a dozen times.

    Google’s ‘duplicate content penalty’ will NOT affect your rss feeds from your site. That is, having multiple FEEDS from site A will not affect the results from page scraping Site A. You’re okay there.

    The bots is another story. Try Bad Behavior. It stops them before they can scrape your data.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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