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    Pardon the noobishness of this question. I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to redirect ANYTHING sent to url a to url b. For example:

    I need to have any request sent to blog.sitename.com/blogname go to secondurl.sitename.com/blogname/otherpartofurl The problem is I get the base url to redirect perfectly. If someone has a favorite pointed at blog.sitename.com/blogname/2011/11/this-post is still goes there instead of being passed to secondurl.sitename.com/blogname/otherpartofurl. I'm not worried about adding the rest of the url to the new url, I just want anything sent to that first url to land at secondurl.sitename.com/blogname/otherpartofurl. I saw some code changes to the plugin that sounded like they might do what I want but being really more of a server guy and less of a php guy I wanted to ask before I sterated jacking around with code.

    Is this possible and would the code changes accomplish it? If they do then how would I add the url to the simple 301 redirection plugin (example so I am not mistaken, please)
    As always, thanks for your help and consideration.


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