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  • Fleuv


    Unlike all other insanely advanced google maps plugins that have not got any of their features working smoothly, this one does as long as you do what the author says.

    Usability wise this plugin is less powerful as it is technically. That’s why I’m leaving you here with the following feedback:

    – Try to implement validations with well explained error messages. For example at the settings page you have to make sure the user enters location parameters to center the map on but none of those fields are required.
    – Make sure you show/explain/give the user all information to make the user aware of the capabilities the user got. For example you simply display a text area at the short description field when adding a location marker. But you can enter HTML there so why don’t you show the WYSIWYG editor included with WordPress or give a little hint?

    Features I would change/remove are:
    – Selecting a predefined map style, why not store the “snazzymaps” configuration in the database and shortly tell users how they can do it their self. I know this is not making it easier but customizability is way more important here. You can also do both 🙂
    – Center map on the specified address. Why not center on a long/lat coordinate or on the center of the (selected) marker locations

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