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  • That’s not a wordpress site – though it could likely be done fairly easily in WP. I’d suggest using the theme filter to narrow down the theme options here:

    It’s unlikely you’ll find any theme that is exactly like that, so you’ll need to do some customization. But if you find a theme with the basic layout, that’s a good start. You may also need to use some plug-ins for additional functions.

    Thank you for the reply. I am fairly new to WP sorry for my lack of knowledge. Which ‘features’ on the tag filters would you check to find the most relevant themes?

    Also any knowledge on plug-ins that you notice similar to WP ones I could search for would be great to know about as well!

    you can check this : Art wordpress theme it’s kinda semilar with Right sidebar…

    That theme is not released under the GPL — which is not in keeping with WP policy and philosophy — so it should not be recommended or promoted here.

    @kiloj757 – This is a good article with some additional information about picking a theme:

    The theme you linked to is very basic — with a LEFT sidebar — so try with that in the theme filter. There’s really no way for anyone else to know what look you want, so you’ll have to do the work yourself. So far as plug-ins, again, no one can know what extra functionality you might want — and you certainly don’t need to know that now. As you build the site, if you find things you want to be able to do, then plug-ins might be relevant.

    Ok sorry and thanks WPyogi for keeping me in line, I’m glad the first post I made here has failure written all over it 🙁

    That link is very sobering to say the least, I thought I was being paranoid by focusing on learning how to secure my site more than how to design it from the ground up.

    I figured if I paid for a theme and possibly setup assistance, that it would be secure and non-nefarious. Now I am scared to download anything..

    Are plug-ins also capable of causing backdoor threats?

    No, not failure at all :)! Just learning…it’s a lot of new information and things like licensing are not always readily apparent. And, like anything these days, there are less than scrupulous people out there — not that all non-GPL themes are necessarily that, but as the article points out there are bad actors. Just stick to the free or recommended commercial theme vendors listed on this site and you’ll be fine. Sorry if you spent money already.

    Unfortunately, plug-ins can also be problematic — definitely only use ones from this site and even then, look at the number of downloads and reviews (though those don’t always mean much, but it’s a start). You can also look at forum threads for a certain plug-in — from the plug-ins page on the lower right side, the button “view Support forum” finds threads about that plug-in. If you have particular concerns, just ask on the forums.

    Luckily I held off making purchase to do more research into this subject, I’m really glad I asked a question here and really appreciate all of your help! I am stuck between wanting to do things the right way and learning it all for my own knowledge and possibly paying to have it done for me (or finding/paying for assistance) since my current job depends on me taking an existing site and 4 blogs and consolidating it all into this new self-hosted bag of unscrupulous snakes!!

    Thanks for the support!

    bag of unscrupulous snakes

    LOL — it’s really not that bad — it’s actually amazingly good given that it’s all volunteer and free efforts here. Give it a shot and then if you need to hire someone for additional help, this is a good place to post a listing:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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