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  • Ryan


    Hi – this is a fantastic plugin! However, I’m having trouble using it on a multi-lingual site (Eng/Chinese).

    The {excerpt} formatting tag only allows you to truncate it’s length based on “words” not on “character count” – but due to the nature of Chinese, “words” are not formatted in the same way (with a space between them). So, I could have a chunk of Chinese text that has a hundred words in it, but if I put {excerpt:50} it will display it all, because it is not actually hunting for “words” it is hunting for “spaces”.

    This is all easily combated using character counts instead of word counts, but that is not an option with the {excerpt} tag, as it is with the {snippet} tag (which I can’t use because it doesn’t read the text as naturally as the {excerpt} tag and ends up putting both languages in).

    Any advice at all would be great.

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